ReadyNAS OS Version 6.1.6(ReadyNAS 104,RN10400-100AJS,NETGEAR)


危険杉流NASであるReadyNAS 104(RN10400-100AJS,NETGEAR)であるが、ReadyNAS OS Version 6.1.6が登場!

ReadyNAS OS Version 6.1.6(ReadyNAS 104,RN10400-100AJS,NETGEAR)

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ReadyNAS OS V6.1.6 Release Notes:

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

・Fixes USB device detection with certain devices or multiple hot plugs.
・Updates a few components to address security vulnerabilities.
・Optimizes filesystem behavior to avoid occasional high I/O latency.
・Optimizes filesystem block allocator for efficiency in finding free spaces.
・Reduces disk readahead size for better random performance.
・Fixes Antivirus app errors after firmware upgrade.
・Fixes SMB home directory access from trusted domain users in ADS mode.
・Updates backup manager to improve CPU resource usage.
・Accepts keyword "AUTO" in NETBIOS domain name field to auto-discover the proper value when joining domain.
・Fixes rare case of disappearing single-character files/folders in Windows AD.
・Fixes potential RAID 6 superblock update issue.
・Fixes ReadyDLNA specification compliance issues.
・Fixes Web UI authentication with usernames containing "@".
・Fixes broken filesystem scrub progress calculation.
・Fixes possible crash during defrag of very large files in ReadyNAS 102, 104 and 2120.
・Fixes potential system hang during extreme iSCSI loads.
・Fixes access problem from Windows 8.1 clients using Microsoft accounts.
・Fixes power supply unit (PSU) status errors on RN3220 and RN4220.

Deployment Notes / Limitations:

・After deleting a volume and creating a new one the old volume may still show up until after a reboot.
・WOL will not be supported on 3220/4220 at this time for 10GbE. Use 1GbE port for WOL.
・Disk failure on the 3220 and 4220 will not show LED failure for the exact drive that has failed, use local web admin page for disk failure information.
・Deleting volume with ReadyNAS Vault enabled will show error. User must turn off vault first.
・Can't set up bond on interfaces that are not already connected.
・If the USB key is missing from the system for Encryption, there is no error message presented.
・If USB key is missing for encryption, the user has to wait on a 10 minute timeout. After that, the encrypted volume is displayed as inactive.
・If a Flex-RAID volume has been expanded, the volume cannot be switched back to X-RAID mode.
・If you wish to remove a USB storage device, you should follow the safe removal procedure of first unmounting before removing the USB device. If these steps are not followed then you may develop errors on the file system on the USB device.
・UPS may report incorrect status after reboot, it may send out a warning during this time. After sometime, the UPS will start reporting the correct information.
・ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 only support creating iSCSI LUNs 8TB and smaller.

ReadyNAS OS Version 6.1.6(ReadyNAS 104,RN10400-100AJS,NETGEAR)



NETGEAR Inc. ReadyNAS 104 【3年保証】 4ベイ Diskless RN10400-100AJS
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